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    Launching of Operation CyberJaguar

    On June 13-17, 2022, an Operational Center will be established in the city of Aranjuez (Madrid – Spain) in order to bring together experts in cyberspace research and the collection of information from open sources, it is expected the consolidation of the jaguar network, harmonize procedures and techniques of cyber patrolling, support in the development of concrete actions in the thematic and development of intelligence packages and coordinate operations to combat wildlife trafficking, illicit trade of F-gas and waste on the Internet.

    Cyber patrolling is a modality of cybersecurity, which can be thought of in an analogous sense to physical patrolling; through monitoring with cross-checking of keywords, it allows us to identify the possible commission of crimes. In this case, it refers to the monitoring of what is called open sources, i.e., those that can be accessed without any kind of restriction. This includes information from the media, social networks, forums, events, and other institutional publications, government information and financial information.