We are the first programme covering the whole criminal justice system:

Police Cooperation
• Cooperation among Justice Systems
Penitentiary Systems

We also focus on 5 priority cross-cutting areas:

• Corruption
• Human rights
• Gender
• Money laundering

And we are intrinsically linked to two projects: EL PAcCTO: Support to AMERIPOL and INTERPOL: Support to EL PAcCTO

The project requires that recipient countries play an active role appointing several cross-cutting and component Focal Points  in their countries. They also seek confluence with other projects in the region.

Expected results
  • Increase the capacity of security forces to carry out joint investigation and operations at regional level.

  • Increase capacities of judicial/prosecutorial operators to fight against organised crime at regional/international level.

  • Enhance capacities in criminal investigation and cooperation to fight organised crime in Central America.

  • Improve participation of law enforcement actors in regional operations to jointly fight organised crime.

  • Reinforce capacities of law enforcement agencies to fight cybercrime through international cooperation.

  • Improve regulatory frameworks and strengthen networks for more effective regional and intercontinental cooperation.

  • Modernisation of legal, administrative and management frameworks for penitentiary systems, more human rights sensitive.

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