What is EL PAcCTO?

EL PAcCTO (Europe Latin America Programme of Assistance against Transnational Organised Crime) is an international cooperation programme funded by the European Union that seeks to contribute to security and justice in Latin America by supporting the fight against transnational organised crime. In its intervention, EL PAcCTO addresses the entire criminal chain from an integral perspective through its work in three components: police, justice and penitentiary.




  • A technical assistance programme between the European Union and Latin America.

  • A programme for sharing experiences and good practices between EU and Latin American countries and among Latin American countries.

  • A cooperation programme that seeks to strengthen capacities and facilitate international cooperation.

  • A programme that aims to respond to the most pressing needs of Latin American countries.

  • A programme cross-cutting covering the whole criminal justice system.

EL PAcCTO is not

  • A financial assistance programme, nor does it purchase equipment or finance building projects.

  • A training programme.

  • A programme that replaces cooperation by one or more EU countries.

  • A programme that makes numerous diagnoses and studies in an over-diagnosed region.

  • A programme to raise awareness.